Zongzi’s Journey by Richard Leito Sentieri

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Listening Length5 hours and 7 minutes
AuthorRichard Leito Sentieri
NarratorRichard Leito Sentieri 2nd

Zongzi’s Journey is the first book of the three part series by Richard Leito Sentieri AKA Rick Sentieri. This first book book fuses the powerful world of the paranormal with a deep and unshakable love story. With such a valuable message, the story is set to resonate with listeners around the world. The benefits of the paranormal have long interested humans, even the scientists who fail to explain why such experiences occur. Aside from being a fascinating and intriguing subject, the paranormal is also credited with saving millions of lives through enriching experiences. Nothing proves this more than Zongzi’s Journey; the latest book by Richard Sentieri. As the author explains, his story was written to evoke a life-changing response in its listeners. This story was written to give people hope in life. Look for Rick Sentieri on TIKTOK & FACEBOOK for his short reels and musical performances!


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