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You write! We promote!! We do hard work for you to grow. Our small team of members is dedicated to writers as they help readers find the best book deals around the world.. Our website is dedicated to promoting all authors. What if you could…? Reach and engage with the right readers? Try our marketing service! With over 100 thousand readers a BookKnocks feature can help you to drive sales of your book. We promote your book every day for 20 days to them. Find a new audience of readers, generate reviews for your book, and improve your book rank on retail sites.

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Increase your online appearance by spreading the word about your favorite book. We have a formidable range of promotional tools and programs that will help you in increasing the sales of your book.

Content Writing

We state a unique style of writing key points of your book in an engaging way that will entice readers and ensure that they stick to your book.

Book Listing

Your book will be listed on our site for 1 years period with the purchase link of the book.

Global Reach

We have more than 100,000 regular readers on twitter and Instagram from all over the world. ​

Beautiful Image

Visual images can be a way for people to make an instant decision over whether to stay and read any further. Posts with visuals also get more engagement on social media.

Why Choose Book knocks ?

Book Knocks will promote your book with guaranteed impressions and clicks & promotion report.

Minimum Impressions and engagements on twitter

We offer a minimum 10000 impressions of your book and minimum 400 engagements on twitter on Pro plan

exclusive hashtags for instagram

We will Create a hashtag strategy that matches your audience.
Hashtags encourage social media users to explore content that catches their eye.

report of your promotion

We will give you a detailed report of your book after the promotion period is over

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"I could probably go into sales for you. Buy this now. I wish I would have thought of it first."

Adam Sendler
"The very best. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from book knocks.  It's incredible."

Kavi Surya Chandra
"If you want real marketing that works and effective implementation - book knocks's got you covered. It's really wonderful.
Mike Stuart

Our Packages

Choose your best package to start promoting your book today.

(Your promotion will start within 24 hours of form submission.)

*Contact us to avail attractive discounts on promotion of two or more of your books.


$29 / 5 days
  • 10 Tweets per day – 05 Days
  • 50 tweets for 05 days
  • 5000 Minimum book impressions on Twitter
  • 200 Minimum total engagements on Twitter
  • Book listing on our website for 1 year


$69 / 20 days
  • 10 Tweets per day – 20 Days
  • 200 tweets for 20 days
  • 10000 Minimum book impressions on Twitter
  • 600 Minimum total engagements on Twitter
  • Add on – 40 Instagram posts for 20 days
  • Instagram Highlights for 1 year
  • Book listing on our website for 1 year


Ask Us Anything

Yes, you can use your website link in our promotion but the page should not host any lottery, raffle, giveaways or any attempt to build an email list or contest winner schemes.

Book sale depends on readers interest, reviews, synopsis and cover etc. We guarantee to send readers on your book sales page, i.e. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords or your site.

We will refund your full money in following cases

  • We do not deliver tweets as promised
  • We tweet without images
  • If the link we share on twitter is broken.

In case of refund contact us

We have more than 100 thousand readers on our Bookknocks Twitter and Instagram network.


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