“Whatever Happened to the Zodiac Killer?” by Kathie FitzPatrick

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“Whatever Happened to the Zodiac Killer?” is one of the greatest the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time! He haunted the Bay Area with his sinister threats through the San Francisco newspapers from about 1968 through 1978 and murdered 5 documented individuals, although he himself claimed to have killed 39 people in all. In Mid-October 1978 he came out with a statement to the the Bay Area newspapers that “I will strike and kill this weekend!” A couple from the Northbay, Benicia, CA., went over to the City for a family birthday party. After a late night church service, and a late night dinner, the husband wanted to drive by some ocean lookouts and the Golden Gate Bridge, ending at the Vista Point lookout parking lot. It turned out that these were the exact locations the Zodiac had planned to stalk couples, hoping to find a couple who was alone. Russell and Tina (True story-Fictitious names) wondered why they kept seeing the same old white car at all these locations, but then the driver would slip away once the couples were not alone. After a magical drive over the Golden Gate Bridge on a moonlit night, they took the VISTA point exit and drove onto the parking lot in front of the spectacular view of San Francisco. They noticed the same white car, the only car except a couple who was romantically observing the view. The Zodiac was outside his car and had started toward them with a small handgun in his left hand, when he turned around, he saw Tina and Russel in their late model Subaru looking right at him. “Thats the Zodiac, let’s get him!'” Russell exclaimed. The Zodioac man was terrified to see the couple in thge third place in tghe spoce of 25 minutes and dashed back to his car attempting to get out of the park any way he could, trying to force himself through an entrance not an exit to the park. It became a supernatural experience involving an encounter and a huigh speed chase after the Zodiac over the 101 N freeway! The true facts of what happened after he disappeared that night, and his mysterious death resulting from the events of that night–unfold within the story of the family who held the secret. This story painted against the backdrop of the Tina and Russel George family is full of drama, romance, inspiratin and real facts plus real supernatural drama. An ending was created from the real facts we feel spelled out his true ending, so it is called “Fiction based on a true story,” but it all really did happen. I know because I was the real-life Tina, and I was there!


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