The Eternal Heir: Beware the Vampires of Berlin by Liv Viola

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  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Pages : 323

Jean-Pierre has spent the last hundred years hell-bent on destroying the vampire order who keeps the immortals of Europe under their iron rule. The last piece of the puzzle rests in a lonesome girl with a supernatural heritage. When Ava Schmidt follows an old postcard to Berlin on the hunt for her long-lost family, she’s quickly dragged into the world of the Risen, where she discovers she’s the last hereditary heir to an unbroken line of immortal rulers. Roped into a centuries-old rebel plot to overthrow her relatives and fighting to master her newfound vampiric powers, Ava struggles to decide on a path for her new eternal future – all while navigating her magnetic attraction to her alluring vampire instructor, Jean-Pierre. But the rebels are hiding a terrible secret, one which will throw everything she’s been taught into doubt. Torn between loyalty to her new friends and Jean-Pierre, and the ruling family she never knew she had, the fate of the vampires of Europe rests in Ava’s hands.


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