The Death of Carthage by Robin E. Levin

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The Death of Carthage is divided into three parts, each with its own narrator. Lucius Tullius Varro is a Roman soldier sent to Spain to serve under Gneius Scipio. He takes part in both the conquest of Spain and the conquest of Carthage. His cousin, Enneus also joins the Roman army when Hannibal invades. He takes part in the Battle of Trasimene and is captured and sold into slavery in Greece. Enslaved for over twenty years, he marries a slave girl had has two children. They return to Rome when the Romans make an alliance with the Achaean league. The third part of the book is narrated by Enneus’ son Hector. Fluent in both Greek and Latin, he becomes a translator for the Roman Army. He becomes friends with the historian Polybius and witnesses the final destruction of Carthage.


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