THANK YOU FOR THE KISS: Will they ever let me go? by BETH JORDAN

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A tropical island drenched in diverse cultures and peoples. A place of vibrant and dangerous liaisons. A country still in a time warp, its cities bathed in faded glory, its people still living an old man’s dreams. Gina travels to Cuba for a long-awaited holiday. She’s well travelled and thinks she is worldly wise, until by chance she meets a young Cuban in a darkened club in Havana. His beguiling eyes are more dangerous than a snake, his strike more deadly than its venom. He steals her mind and leaves behind a torrent of emotional destruction. But snakes twist and turn as they slither and the ending of this story may not be as you imagine. Constant murmurings and whispers of be careful, take care, follow her. She should have listened. She should have read the signs. She should have known better. What made her ignore all those warnings? Thank You For The Kiss, a memoir, is a story inspired by real life events – unexpected, powerful and shocking.


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