Simplify Your Health: A Doctor’s Practical Guide to a Healthier Life by Lucas Ramirez

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Black Rose Writing (August 11, 2022)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 197 pages
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First time in centuries, the current generation of children in the U.S. may have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. How can we be less healthy in an era where medical knowledge advances faster than ever before? Even more important, what can we do about it? Simplify Your Health: A Doctor’s Practical Guide to a Healthier Life addresses these questions. Although other experts typically focus solely on nutrition, suggest excessive lifestyle requirements, or, in large part, ignore the importance of the patient-physician relationship, Dr. Ramirez, a practicing Stroke Neurologist, offers a simple, focused approach—the same one he emphasizes with his patients—including eight practical, impactful actions for wellbeing. These actions are pillars for the prevention of strokes, heart disease, cancer, COPD, dementia and other major health conditions that impact our longevity and independence. Let’s get back to the basics and improve our health! Patients who implemented his preventative approach have reported drastic improvements, and he firmly believes that the core concepts of his book can help many more enjoy all the beautiful things life brings. Quotes from the book: “The human body is complex, beautiful, and a temple worth taking care of.” -Lucas Ramirez, MD “One takes care of themselves in order to enjoy life more and for longer periods of time.” -Lucas Ramirez, MD “Taking care of oneself can be the difference between walking your daughter down the aisle or not.” -Lucas Ramirez, MD “Longevity and quality can allow one to enjoy life and all the beautiful things it brings.” -Lucas Ramirez, MD “You can control your thoughts and actions and make a real difference in yourself.” -Lucas Ramirez, MD Hashtags Your team knows which hashtags work best. The only one I would like included is #simplifyyourhealth Others that fit into the concepts of the book include: #Checkyourpressure #highbloodpressure #stopsmoking #smokingkills #quitsmoking #healthyweightloss #fightobesity #obesitykills #eatwell #healthdiets #stopfaddiets #eatmorefruits #eatmoreveggies #portioncontrol #stayfit #getmoving #movementisfree #cancerscreening #getscreened ***There are several 5 start reviews on amazon and goodreads to pull from for tweet content


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