Russian Wolves by James Musgrave

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“Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” is currently Netflix’s most-watched title, according to its self-reported data released September 27, amassing more than 196 million viewing hours in the past week. Both of these “monsters” worked and were tracked by authorities during almost the same time period: Dahmer: 1978-1991 (17 all male victims). Chikatilo: 1978-1990 (over 50 victims of both genders). Both were cannibals, but Chikatilo also kept trophies of his victims’ sex organs and put them inside an “artistic mosaic display” in his killing shack. Also, Chikatilo was a proud Communist Party Member who believed he was doing the government a “service” by disposing of the lowlife scum of Soviet-era Russia. Dahmer was basically apolitical and not very intelligent. Andrei was a successful school teacher for many years and was very educated.


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