Relationship: Notes on Love, Mutual Respect, Boundaries, Marriage, and Divorce by A. William Benitez

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My goal with this book is to share information that readers might find of value in their own relationships. Looking back on my own life experience, I wish someone had shared some of this with me so I could have avoided learning many things the hard way. The first two readers found this book really helpful and their thoughts appear below. Oftentimes clear, true insight comes from someone not “trained” or “educated” in a particular field of thought. This book represents one of those times. The subject of “relationships” is so complicated few outside the legal/ counseling/mental health arenas even attempt to address it for fear of being ignored, misunderstood or, worse yet, laughed at. The author’s conversational style makes his book about the subject quite easy to read / understand and as one absorbs his meaning . . . believable. It rings so true that as I was reading, I kept wanting to cut out paragraphs to put on my computer, refrigerator and bathroom mirror! Read this book. You will be glad you found it. In fact, you will probably send a copy to your child . . . I did! JHB RN, BSN, MHA Author, editor, publisher I found this book to be such an informative and important read offering tips for all types. I couldn’t agree with the author more about never ever taking your partner for granted and that love means ALWAYS saying you’re sorry-actually as quickly, whole-heartedly and as often as needed.I’d recommend Bill’s book to add zest to an already good relationship or to help you create the one you long for. Denise Fleck Notes on Love, Mutual Respect, Boundaries, Marriage, and Divorce contains ten easy to read and understand chapters with valuable, down-to-earth notes based on real life experience. In addition to a Preface and Introduction, the chapters are What is Love, What is A Good Relationship, Fostering and Nouturing Relationships, Harming Relationships, Mutual Respect, Boundaries, Marriage, Breakups and Divorce, Helpful Tips, and Final Thoughts. While relationship is seldom simple, this book boils it down to no-fluff basics. Not everything in this book will feel comfortable to everyone. You may find some of the suggestions uncomfortable or even intrusive. I fully expect some push back from men and perhaps some women. Even I have found that not all of the ideas work for me, but some of those have worked for others. Every relationship involves two unique individuals and only you and your partner can decide what may be of value to you. I believe there is much in this book worth exploring and I hope many couples will benefit from the reading. I’m fortunate to be in a wonderful relationship and I wish everyone the same happiness that Barbara and I share. In addition to the information in this book, I welcome your questions and comments by email .


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