Plundering the Past: Tide of Times, Volume 1 by Robert A. Tayler

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Brothers Roger and Tom Petrie dedicated their lives to the vast and treacherous ocean. Their unwavering bond and insatiable love for the sea will transport you to a world filled with adventure, danger, and unexpected twists. But in December 2002, their cargo ship, MV Belvedere, experienced a devastating atmospheric event that shattered their understanding of the world. They didn’t expect this terrifying event to involve battling bloodthirsty pirates, led by a merciless captain. Roger and Tom, trapped in a different era, rely on their modern knowledge to outwit their captors and avoid being caught by 18th-century European powers. After two years, their loved ones presumed them lost at sea. But their miraculous rescue from an unknown island has left everyone amazed and wanting answers. Secrets buried deep within their souls. Roger’s odd behavior leaves his new wife, Rebekah, with haunting suspicions and unanswered questions. Can Roger shield his family from the truth without losing his grip on reality? Plundering the Past is a captivating tale that mixes pirate escapades with time-travel intrigue. This thrilling adventure captivates readers with its seamless transitions between present-day America and the Golden Age of Piracy.


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