I Hate It When Aliens Do That by Mark Cheverton

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  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0D2VDYTW3
  • Publication date ‏ : ‎ April 26, 2024
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
I Hate It When Aliens Do That Mark Cheverton Synopsis The story starts out with our unexpected hero, JIMMY TURKELSON, as he’s talking to the reader from his prison cell on the Krosan Battlecruiser. These aliens are taking Jimmy to the black hole at the center of the galaxy, as a punishment for disrupting their evil plans multiple times. As Jimmy is the narrator, he will frequently break the fourth wall and talk directly to the reader when he finds something interesting or funny. In science class, Jimmy sits with his friends, WALLY MCFERD, a confident robotics geek, and SUSAN BRANSON, the smartest girl in school. We also meet Jimmy’s personal tormentor, TREVOR MUNTZ, as he bullies Jimmy for no reason. Class in interrupted when a meteor crashes into the lake right next to the school, creating a huge cloud of stream. Their uptight science teacher, MRS. STICKLEBERRY, goes out with a Geiger counter, to make sure things are safe. When she returns, she acts unusual, and surprisingly afraid of the sugar bags on her desk. We learn later, Mrs. Stickleberry has been possessed by the aliens. More teachers are possessed, and they begin rounding up students. They put the kids in the gym and keep them there like prisoners of war. While avoiding capture, Jimmy, Wally, and Susan meet the most popular kid in school, ROCCO MARCIANO. Together, the four kids decide to sneak around and learn what is happening to the school. They meet a friendly alien, GORGALSHEEF, and he tells the kids it was a Zanthoid spacecraft that crashed in the lake, not a meteor. We learn that the commander of the Zanthoids, CAPTAIN KRALWAK, is there to determine of humans are a threat or not. If not a threat, they will contact the Zanthoid armada waiting near Saturn and start the invasion. The kids, with Gorgalsheef’s help, decide to stop the Zanthoids from sending any message to their armada, hoping to save the Earth. To communicate with the alien fleet, the Zanthoids try to use Tower Middle School’s symbol, a tall metal tower. The kids disrupt the Zanthoid plans and learn that sugar is poisonous to the aliens, which explains Mrs. Stickleberry’s behavior at the beginning of the story. Throughout these challenges, we see Jimmy struggling to confront his fears. But when the Zanthoids capture Millie, Jimmy pushes it aside; his need to protect his sister far outweighs his fears. Jimmy and his companions rescue the rest of the middle schoolers, and in a dramatic call to action, Jimmy masters his fears and confronts Trevor. Stoking their courage, Jimmy convinces the students to come together and stand up against the alien horde. In a carefully orchestrated battle scene, Jimmy leads the students of Tower Middle School and Tower High School against the Zanthoids and their many alien slaves. But when it seems as if they’re about to be defeated, Jimmy steps up and turns the tide with his newfound courage. The aliens flee to their spaceship and try to escape, but Susan has left a surprise for them . . . elephant toothpaste (look it up on YouTube). Kralwak’s spaceship is destroyed, saving Earth from invasion. Without hearing anything from their ship, the armada assumes Earth is too strong and leaves the solar system. Ta-da . . . The next book in the series will be I Hate It When Goblins Do That.


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