Forbidden Knight (Dangerous Curves Series Book 5) by Donna Michaels

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Kenzie Knight is a rebel, champion for the underdog, and the best retriever in the Knight Agency. She prides herself on her ability to get in and get out undetected, but when an unknown source targets agents in the firm—including the one she secretly married—she’s prepared to use unorthodox methods to flush out the rat. CIA Agent Vin Spada has three assignments and one very big problem. He once worked with Jameson Knight when the man commanded a Special Operations Group for the agency, so one of the higher ups sends him to assist Knight in identifying and apprehending the CIA mole that is targeting Knight’s people. Knight also requested Vin’s help to partner with his youngest daughter, not just to work this case, but to also guard her because she is a target. His problem isn’t just that he ended up under the covers with his under-cover assignment and will no doubt incur the wrath of the formidable Commander Knight, it’s that he fell hard for the vivacious woman and married her while they were on assignment in Las Vegas. Life implodes when ties to Knight’s past surface, and Kenzie uncovers Vin’s secret assignment…right before she’s kidnapped by the mole. With everything at stake, Vin vows to do whatever it takes to save the woman he loves and their fledgling marriage.


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