Fairy Catmother: A Maven Fairy Godmother Fractured Fairy Tale by Charlotte Henley Babb

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A fairy godmother transformed into a cat must grant three wishes to save all of Faery before the moon turns without her powers: her speech, her wand, her wings, or her gossamer. Or she will remain a cat for the rest of her life. Always in trouble with her Fairy Godmother Superior, Maven starts her second week on the job with trepidation until her boss turns her into a cat. Then she sees that her boss is possessed by an evil witch’s spirit, but the transformation does not allow her to use speech or any of her magical tools. Then the witch sends her to a place where everyone is afraid of magic, having had bad experiences. Maven must grant three wishes among the people she meets who have given up on wishing, even if she could explain who and what she is. The characters include the son of Jack who climbed the beanstalk, the daughter of the miller whose brother got Puss in Boots, and Baby Bear of the three bears. Review: “Souls trapped inside a magic wand. A fairy godmother facing off against a powerful witch. In a world where magic, wishes, and granting them are not always what they seem, readers will enjoy this off-the-beaten-path adventure following the exploits of Maven and her companions. And make no mistake, Maven is one tough fairy-dust-wielding cookie.” –Jon Kirsch, award-winning author. Review: Brilliant Concept! Smart, snarky, and a pleasure to read! I love the take on a fairy godmother as a woman of a certain age: not thin, not gorgeous, but determined to do a good job, no matter what stands in her way…even if she happens to currently be a cat! Highly recommend this story! Review: Excellent Premise for a Young Adult Fantasy! How can a fairy godmother grant wishes with no voice to ask people what they want, and no wand to channel magic?… Oh, and being a cat? These questions are just the tip of a very large and intriguing iceberg. This story is full of magic, mystery, and betrayal wrapped in furry pluckiness.


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