Basque: Love Stories by HJ Furl

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  • Publication date ‏ : ‎ May 27, 2022
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‘I’ll care for you, I’ll create an environment for you to live in that’s warm, comfortable, safe and secure, ensuring you’re well-fed. Make you happy. Make your wildest dreams come true.’ – Simon loving Joely in Basque. But is it love? I love to write character, to me characters are all. Meet my characters in love. A quirky, sensual love, a love like no other love you have ever known before. Basque is my themed compilation of love stories: different aspects of love over the years. From the persecution of witches in 1644, through the free love era of the permissive society, to today’s modern attitudes. At a deeper, more meaningful, level my stories are about how men and women love, hate, use, abuse, treat and mistreat each other. After all, the rules of love are there to be broken, aren’t they? Readers Reactions to Basque – Love Stories: Beautifully written stories that connect with your heart Well written, subversive, and exhilarating stories Some for 50 Shades fans, though not all Short stories that capture the imagination


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