That’s Why You’re Here: A Journey From Grief To Metaphysical Awareness by Erin G. Burrell

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Independently published (July 13, 2018)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
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A catalyst for change can take many forms, author Erin Burrell’s altering moment began with a jarring knock at the door. A solemn detective delivered the news that a loved one had died. The grief and heart-splitting loss sent her groping for answers. In her search, she was drawn toward an unexpected path, that of the metaphysical. After reading several books about psychic mediums, Erin wondered if she too might be able to connect with her deceased loved one. It was during this time of metaphysical exploration, when it was suggested to Erin that she learn the Tarot to expand her own intuitive abilities. The notion took hold, even though she had no knowledge of the Tarot. Erin studied, and took a leap of faith and began to give Tarot readings to the public. It became evident that something bigger was in play. Guided by Spirit, Erin was able to provide comfort to others through the cards. A pattern arose. The people who came to Erin were going through situations, that she had already experienced. In the midst of a read, it would be come clear why someone had been drawn to her. Once their shared experience was discovered, she would often say, “That’s why you’re here!” Never a writer, Erin was surprised when she was suddenly compelled to write about her experiences. The book grew out of the sessions with her clients. Erin’s journey out of grief to metaphysical awareness is unique, and a path less taken. Her personal stories of overcoming difficult life challenges are interspersed amongst her clients’ Tarot readings. “That’s Why You’re Here” is distinctive and inspiring.


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