Judgment : The Innocent Suffering by Ronald Fahrenholz II

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This masterpiece was created under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and He will minister to you as you read each chapter and learn from each lesson. This book, in its simple, concise, and apt characterization, would take you on a fantastic journey of in-depth understanding of our immutable realities as humans who simply sojourn the earth.

Do you think Judgment is real?

John Williams is about to find out. He abruptly emerges in a solitary room and he is informed he is there to learn from his pride and reflect on the decisions that he made on earth. Then John would experience the most terrifying situation imaginable. He would have to stand face to face with God and be accountable for his time spent on earth, including denying Christ and receiving the mark on his right hand.

Watch out for a total transformation for you and all that concerns you as you do…


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