Even a Pandemic Can’t Stop Love and Murder: Vol. 1: Break the Bank by A.E.S. O’Neill

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BASED ON A TRUE STORY Does anything stop the overwhelming human impulses that drive love and murder? It is the mid-2020s. Alby O’Brien is hiding in southern New Jersey to avoid the wrath of terrorists who are after him. Believing he is safely hidden in his cave-like garage apartment, he supports himself on under-the-table fix-it work while wrestling with nightmares of what happened in Iraq. But his minimal existence is about to end with very dire consequences. Buy the Book Read a Sample Within the first twenty-four hours of this one-week, fast-paced thriller, he is involved in a major robbery, meets a woman with a mysterious past and crosses paths with a psychotically polite killer called Jagger. Something very valuable has been taken from a mob-run bank and now everyone is after Alby. Despite his life being on the line, all he can think about is the alluring and volatile dancer. As it all comes to a head, Alby knows his choices are few and his fate could go either way. Break the Bank—volume 1 of 3—is based on a true story. Told to the author by his father, it is the true story of a mob bank getting ripped off and the ensuing violent consequences.


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